Readers ask: What Cook Book Do U Need To Make Cherry Pie On Rune Factory Fronteir?

How do you make a cherry pie in Rune Factory Frontier?

You make cherry pie with cherry + flour + butter.

How do you get sickle in Rune Factory Frontier?

Just like the other tools such as hammer or axe, you can acquire a sickle for free from someone in the village. The first sickle you will get called Cheap Sickle which could only cut one grass per swing. However, you can upgrade your sickle to another level, so you can cut the 3 or even 9 grass all at once.

How do I get the harvester in Rune Factory Frontier?

Rune Wonders can change the weather or speed the growth of plants. Speak to Candy and ask her about Rune Wonders, and she will definitely give you the Harvester.

How do you feed monsters in Rune Factory Frontier?

The feed is actually pretty easy to get. Just buy a few bags of Fodder Seed for 30G each. Plant them in your field, and they should take the normal amount of time to grow, five days I think. When it is fully grown (you can’t see the ground change color when you water it) you can cut it with the sickle.

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How do you meet Iris in Rune Factory Frontier?

Go to the tower of rest first after 6pm to set off a small scene where you see Iris watering plants then talk to Rosetta until she mentions moondrops in the moonlight. Plant Moondrop seeds in the plot in front of the tower and water them for 4 days. Approach this area after 6pm to trigger an animated cutscene.

How do you get tools in Rune Factory Frontier?

Obtaining Tools

  1. Cheap Hoe – Given to you from Mist in the beginning.
  2. Cheap Watering Can – Given to you from Mist in the beginning.
  3. Cheap Hammer – Given to you when you meet Melody in the Whale Island Cave.
  4. Cheap Axe – Talk to Stella at the church.
  5. Cheap Sickle – Talk to Erik after going to Whale Island.

How do you upgrade tools in Rune Factory Frontier?

To upgrade past iron tools you need to expand your house’s by buying the forge extension from kross, and then buy the bigger forge from lute. Once you do this you can upgrade equipment’s levels by choosing the recipe that includes your current tool and two scrap irons.

How do you get an AXE in Rune Factory Frontier?

Just like hammer or sickle, you can also get the axe for free from someone in the village. This time, you will receive the Cheap Axe from sister Stella. Just talk to her several times and she will definitely give you the axe.

Where is Candy Rune Factory Frontier?

While studying, Candy is at Mist’s House from 9am-12pm on Tuesday and Thursday. During Summer, Candy can be found at the beach from 12pm-6pm on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday. During Festival days, Candy can be found on Beach Road from 9am-6pm.

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Where do you get silver in Rune Factory Frontier?

The first instance of Silver is on the 4th floor of the Lava Ruins. If you take the shortcut stairs to the 3rd floor then take the normal stairs down to level 4, there is a group of rocks immediately north of there that has Silver ore in it. You need to make sure you’re also using the hammer’s SP.

How do you get a fishing pole in Rune Factory Frontier?

You befriend with Kannon, and he’ll eventually tell you that his grand-daughters are coming to live with him, one of them being Cinnamon. Once she moves in, you’ll find her fishing on the north-eastern part of you house by the stream. Talk to her and she’ ll give you the fishing pole.

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