Readers ask: How Do You Say Apple Pie In Spanish?

Does Manzana mean apple in Spanish?

manzana: eating apple; desert apple; apple; apple fruit.

How do you say pie in Mexico?

For instance, an apple pie would be tarta de manzana, but a meat pie would be pastel de carne. So your translation might be correct or not depending on the kind of pie. The word for Pie is pay pronounced pie.

What is pie literature?

A basic way to structure a paragraph is to use the P.I.E. method: Point, Illustration, Explanation. The Point is the main idea of the paragraph, to which everything in the paragraph relates. The Illustration is the specific fact or example that supports (illustrates) the Point.

What does Manzana mean in Spanish slang?

It means: the apple.

Is manzanas feminine?

Many readers are undoubtedly aware of the frequent gender pattern of “ feminine fruit, masculine tree” exemplified by manzana ‘apple’ and manzano ‘apple tree’. It turns out that for feminine fruit names, the pattern holds strong.

What is manzanas?

: any of several units of land area used especially in Central America that average around 1.7 acres.

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