Quick Answer: How To Cook Admiral Pie?

What is the difference between admirals pie and fisherman’s pie?

Admirals pie has prawns and sweetcorn in with a mash top. Mariners or fisherman’s pie is just white fish in a parsley sauce under the mash.

How do you make admiral pie Osrs?

To make admiral pie:

  1. Use Pastry dough > Pie dish (becomes a Pie shell)
  2. Use cooked salmon > Pie shell (becomes Part admiral pie 1)
  3. Use cooked tuna > Part admiral pie 1 (becomes Part admiral pie 2)
  4. Use raw potato > Part admiral pie 2 (becomes Raw admiral pie)
  5. Cook on a range (Use Uncooked admiral pie > Range).

What goes with admirals pie?

Serve fish pie with…

  • Just Salads. fennel salad. wilted gem lettuce.
  • Something with Veggies. broccoli. corn. peas. carrots. cauliflower. sautéed spinach. sautéed cabbage. watercress. pancetta fried Brussels sprouts. bacon wrapped asparagus. sautéed haricort verts & pancetta. minted peas. glazed carrots.
  • Something Fried. french fries/chips.

Does Admiral pie stack with Dragon harpoon?

Need to catch a sacred eel for master clue, does admiral pie stack with dragon harpoon special? They are both visible boosts so no. Construction is the only skill you can get a +1-8.

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What is Admiral’s Pie?

Fish Fillet Pieces in a Creamy Butter Sauce, Topped with Mash & Cheddar Cheese. 290 Calories Per Pie.

What is Ocean Pie?

Description. Pieces of Alaska Pollock Fillet in a cream and butter sauce topped with a mixture of mashed cooked potatoes and partially reconstituted dried potato topped with Red Leicester cheese.

What drops Dragon Harpoon Osrs?

The dragon harpoon is a possible reward from killing Wyrms assigned by the new slayer master, Konar quo Maten. It is both a weapon (requiring 60 Attack to wield) and a fishing tool (requiring 61 Fishing to use), used to catch tuna, swordfish, and sharks.

How do I get enhanced Excalibur?

The Enhanced Excalibur, also known as EE, is an upgraded version of Excalibur that may be obtained upon completion of the hard Seers’ Village achievements. The player may speak to the Lady of the Lake and she will enhance the player’s Excalibur.

How do you make summer pie Osrs?

To make summer pie:

  1. Use pastry dough > pie dish (becomes a pie shell)
  2. Use strawberry > pie shell (becomes part summer pie 1)
  3. Use watermelon > part summer pie 1 (becomes part summer pie 2)
  4. Use cooking apple > part summer pie 2 (becomes raw summer pie)
  5. Cook on a range (use raw summer pie > range).

What do you drink fish pie with?

A chardonnay is a good option here (particularly if it is just lightly oaked) – even a very basic one will work, or reach for chablis, or a richer wine from South Africa or Australia. Muscadet also works, as does a textured grenache blanc. Or, fish pie is delicious with champagne.

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Does Aldi sell fish pie mix?

The Fishmonger Fish Pie Mix 300g | ALDI.

How do you make a Mary Berry fish pie?


  1. 75g/3oz butter, plus extra for greasing.
  2. 1 large onion, roughly chopped.
  3. 50g/2oz plain flour.
  4. 570ml/1 pint milk.
  5. salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  6. 2 tbsp lemon juice.
  7. 350g/12oz fresh haddock, cut into 1cm/½in pieces.
  8. 350g /12oz smoked undyed haddock, cut into 1cm/½in pieces.

How do you make pie Osrs?


  1. Use Pastry dough > Pie dish (becomes a Pie shell)
  2. Use Cooking apple > Pie shell (becomes Uncooked apple pie)
  3. Cook on a range (Use Uncooked apple pie > Range). Will either become an apple pie (edible), or burnt pie (non-edible; can be emptied to reuse pie dish).

How do you make botanical pies Osrs?


  1. Use Pastry dough > Pie dish (becomes a Pie shell)
  2. Use Golovanova fruit top > Pie shell (becomes Uncooked botanical pie)
  3. Cook on a range (Use Uncooked botanical pie > Range). Will either become an botanical pie (edible), or burnt pie (non-edible; can be emptied to reuse pie dish).

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