Quick Answer: How To Cook A Cookie In A Mountain Pie Iron?

How do you keep mountain pies from sticking?

butter – You can use butter, margarine as pictured above, cooking spray, or oil. I prefer butter for its flavor, but the others will toast the mountain pie perfectly and keep it from sticking.

How do you make cookies over a campfire?

Coat the surface of your skillet or pan with non-stick cooking spray and add small scoops of dough, leaving enough space between them to expand. If using a skillet with lid, you can simply cover the pan and place it over the coals for 7-10 minutes.

How long do you cook a pie iron?

Most recipes take five to ten minutes to cook but times can vary widely depending on how hot the fire is. I recommend placing the iron over the fire for two minutes before unlatching, checking for doneness and flipping the iron over to cook the other side.

How do you clean a cast iron mountain pie maker?

Steps for Spring Cleaning the Pie Irons

  1. Soak pie irons in bucket of hot, soapy water for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Scrub the inside and the outside of the pie irons, using a scrub brush or even steel wool when necessary to remove any rust.
  3. Rinse with hot water.
  4. Dry thoroughly over coals or a fire.
  5. Carefully!!
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Do you need to season a mountain pie maker?

Seasoning a pie iron is not a difficult task, but it’s necessary if your pie iron is made out of cast iron. In fact, all cast iron cookware is seasoned the same way. Without proper seasoning, cast iron will rust or food will become stuck to it during use.

Can you bake cookies on a fire?

Capture the heat from a campfire and you can turn almost any lidded pan into a small oven. It’s the red coals that give off the even heat you need for baking, so burn the fire down to coals when you want to make cookies. Arrange a sturdy campfire rack over the coals, or use the fire ring provided at many campsites.

Can you bake on a campfire?

Camping stoves, when used wisely, can be great for baking, but you have to get creative. Check it after about ten minutes—if the middle of the cake still jiggles but you can smell the bottom burning, put a lid over your pot, pull it off the stove, and build a small fire using twigs directly on top of the pot.

Can you use a cookie sheet over a fire?

They are safe to use and will not transfer any metal taste to your food. High heat may cause some oxidation to the outside of your pans resulting in different colors splaying across the bottom.

Can you use a pie iron in the oven?

Not only can you easily cook up grilled cheese, breakfast sandwiches and pizza with a pie iron, but you can also bake mini pies, cinnamon rolls and all kinds of sweet treats that you previously thought were impossible to cook outdoors.

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Can you use a pie iron on a stove?

The pie iron is very simple to use and dose not require a fire. We suggest a grill but even a gas stove top would work.

How do you clean rusty mountain pie irons?

Fill your sink with enough hot water to cover the pie iron. Allow them to soak for about 15 minutes to loosen the stuck on ash and food. Then, take a nylon brush and give them a good scrubbing. Finally, rinse them under hot water.

Where is Rome cast iron made?

Rome has been producing these irons since 1964, but now it’s China. I’ve had one for years, use it all the time, and it’s certainly qood quality, I can tell you that much.

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