Quick Answer: How Much Does A Pie Cost?

Why are pies expensive?

The sheer amount of logistics that goes into packaging and shipping makes the pies already so expensive for customers that businesses don’t tend to mark them up from what people would pay in person.

Is it cheaper to make or buy a pie?

1. It’s cheaper. Flour and butter, sugar and spices, nuts and fruits — pie costs can add up quickly. For a comparable price (or cheaper), you can find a high-quality pie that’s as tasty as anything you’d bake in your kitchen.

How big is a 24 ounce pie?

Freshness Guaranteed Apple Pie, 24 oz, 8 inch – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

How much should I sell homemade pies for?

I think fresh, home baked pies that taste as good as ours did could easily sell in most markets for between $15-$20 a pie. If I did it, I would most likely price them at $16 depending on the cost of ingredients and how long it took me to make each one.

What does pie stand for?

Persuade, Inform, Entertain (writing) PIE.

How many slices are in a pie?

How Many Slices in a Pie? If you’re slicing a pie in a conventional 9-inch pie pan, you should aim to cut between 6-8 slices. When you make your first cut with the serrated knife, slice the entire pie in half.

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Do pies ship well?

No matter how cautious you are when packing and shipping pies or other baked goods, some dessert products will travel easier than others. Pies with thick filling, such as pecan or pumpkin pies, are less fragile and do better in transit. Creamier pies, such as custard pies, have a harder time.

Why are store-bought pumpkin pie not refrigerated?

So why are store-bought pumpkin pies often displayed and sold unrefrigerated? As the food safety specialists at the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center point out, commercially produced pumpkin pies have preservatives and other ingredients added to make them shelf-stable.

Is it worth it to make pie crust?

Making your own pie crust is definitely something worth mastering. In terms of cost, tastiness, and healthfulness, it wins hands down. Convenience is more of a tie, with the store-bought edging ahead. But ultimately, we think it’s worth the TLC it takes to make a good pie crust.

What is the best pie crust to buy?


  • Wholly Wholesome Organic Traditional – BEST OVERALL.
  • Trader Joe’s Pie Crust – BEST VALUE.
  • Wholly Gluten Free Pie Shell – GOOD GF OPTION.
  • Leadbetter’s All Natural French Picnic Flaky Pastry Sheet – BEST TASTING.
  • Pillsbury Pie Crusts.
  • Wholly Wholesome Organic Pie Dough.
  • Wholly Wholesome Organic Whole Wheat.

What size is a typical pie?

A standard pie pan is 9 inches in diameter and 1-1/4 inches deep. There are 9-1/2- and 10-inch pans, as well as small (4-1/2-inch) individual pie pans; it’s important to read your recipe for the right size. (Measure across the inside rim.) Deep-dish pie pans are 1-1/2 to 2 inches deep.

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What is the standard pie size?

We decided to focus on pie plates between 9 and 10 inches in diameter, which is the most common size and also the one most pie recipes call for.

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