Question: Where To Buy Pie Face Game?

Which is the best pie face game?

The Best Pie Face Game

  • Hasbro Gaming Showdown Game. Player who doesn’t get “creamed” wins.
  • Hasbro Cannon Game. The Pie Face Cannon kids’ board game is a real blast! Get ready for loads of
  • HASP7 Hasbro Game. Hilarious Pie Face game might just splat you in the face.

Is there a game called Pie Face?

The hilarious Pie Face game is filled with fun and suspense, and somebody’s bound to get surprised! Players load the arm with whipped cream (not included) or the included sponge, then take turns sliding their heads through the mask and spinning the spinner. First player to score 25 points wins!

What do you need to play Pie Face?


  1. 1 Pie Thrower.
  2. 1 Throwing Arm.
  3. 2 Handles.
  4. 1 Chin Rest.
  5. 1 Splash Card Mask.
  6. 1 Spinner.
  7. 1 Sponge.
  8. Rulebook.

What is that face game?

What The Face is an adult party game where you and the player to you left must each select the best face to match a description card (examples include: “thrift store shopper,” “packing heat,” and “has unicorn fantasies”). The other players vote on your selections and, if your face gets the most votes, you earn a point.

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What does pie face mean?

: having a round, smooth, or blank face.

Can you play pie face with shaving cream?

Description: The game revolves around the gag of getting a pie in the face. There is a mechanical device with an arm that holds a sponge that you cover with shaving cream to simulate the pie.

Who invented pie face?

“Pie Face,” made by Hassenfeld Bros (now Hasbro) in 1968, was a cream pie game version of Russian roulette.

What can you use for pie face instead of whipped cream?

What can I use instead of cream for pie face?

  • Soy Whipped Cream. You can just buy this at most grocery stores, well, at least the more eco-savvy ones.
  • Tofu Pudding.
  • Candied Nuts.
  • Whipped Coconut Milk.

How do you do a pie face fundraiser?

Pie In Face Fundraiser

  1. Pick a date for your event to take place.
  2. Ask around your community for volunteers for this event.
  3. Start advertising the event.
  4. We also take votes during the festival: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  5. When it is time to announce the winner.

How do you win pie Face?

Win 25 points by escaping the pie filled hand and not getting splattered in the face with whipped cream and you’ll be the Pie Face champion.

How do you play Pies?

All the players at home base think of types of pies, and whisper their selections to each other so everyone but the one who is “it” knows everyone else’s pie. This is to prevent cheating. Once the pies are selected, “it” calls out flavors of pies.

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Does the pie face game need batteries?

Answer: This game does not require any batteries, it works by pressing the buttons on both sides.

What’s the game you put on your forehead?

Charades is a party game which originated in the 19th century. Rules of the game vary, but generally players silently act out a word or phrase and everyone else has to guess what it is. Charades! is a digital version of the game available for Android and iOS.

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