Question: What To Cook In A Pie Iron?

What is a pie iron used for?

A pie iron (also called camp cooker) is a small, hinged, cast iron camp cooking tool with long handles. It’s used to grill and bake food right over the campfire. It’s a super easy way to make breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes while camping.

How do you use Campfire pie irons?

The best meal procedure for the pie iron goes like this: grease the pans a little; add a starch, like mashed potatoes, dough, or bread; add fillings; then cover with the same starch. Clasp the irons shut, then lay flat over a bed of hot embers or coals to cook evenly.

What can you cook in a camp cooker?

27 Easy Camping Meals to Make Camp Cooking a Breeze

  1. Campfire nachos.
  2. Chicken tzatziki skewers.
  3. Shrimp boil foil packets.
  4. Easy chickpea curry.
  5. Sausage breakfast sandwiches.
  6. Chicken Pad Thai.
  7. Dutch oven mac & cheese.
  8. One pot pasta primavera.

How do you season a pie iron in the oven?

Allow the cast iron to cool completely then rub on a layer of Crisco vegetable shortening (or similar non butter type). Cover the entire pie iron on both sides. Once both sides are thoroughly coated, place them back on the grill for about 15 minutes and flip them over about half way through.

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Can you use a pie iron in the oven?

Not only can you easily cook up grilled cheese, breakfast sandwiches and pizza with a pie iron, but you can also bake mini pies, cinnamon rolls and all kinds of sweet treats that you previously thought were impossible to cook outdoors.

Can you use a pie iron on a stove?

The pie iron is very simple to use and dose not require a fire. We suggest a grill but even a gas stove top would work.

How do you clean a pie iron?

Wash the pie iron with hot water and dish soap (this is one of the only times you’ll ever use dish soap on cast iron), then thoroughly dry it (do not leave it to air dry). Use a paper towel to rub the pie iron with oil or shortening (not butter or margarine). Be sure to cover every part of the pan, inside and out.

What are easy foods to take camping?

10 Foods No Camping Trip Is Complete Without

  1. Dehydrated Foods. A personal favorite of mine is the Mountain House brand.
  2. Trail Mix, Nuts, and Bars. PIN IT.
  3. Instant Mac & Cheese and Cup Noodles. PIN IT.
  4. Chili. PIN IT.
  5. Beef Jerky and Dried Fruits.
  6. Instant Coffee Packets & Tea Bags.
  7. Sandwich-Making Materials.
  8. S’mores Ingredients.

What are the best foods to take camping?


  • Peanut Butter and Honey or Jelly Sandwiches. Here are 15 genius ways to upgrade your PB&J.
  • Stacked Crackers.
  • Hummus and Veggie Sticks.
  • Nutty Berry Trail Mix or Granola Trail Mix.
  • Jerky.
  • Sandwich Wraps.
  • Tuna, Chicken or Egg Salad Sandwiches.
  • Apple Peanut Butter Sandwiches.
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What do you eat for breakfast when camping?

18 Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

  • Campfire Frittata.
  • Perfect French Toast.
  • Banana Bread Pancakes.
  • Camp Stove Chilaquiles.
  • Bacon, Egg, and Avocado Sandwich.
  • Sausage Breakfast Sandwich with Honey Sriracha Sauce.
  • Chickpea Hash with Summer Veggies.
  • Vegan Coconut French Toast.

Can I use a cast iron skillet as a pie pan?

If you find yourself short a pie plate when baking Thanksgiving pies, a seasoned cast-iron skillet makes for a good alternative for a double-crust pie. Make sure that the skillet is 9 or 10 inches in diameter to keep the volume and baking times consistent with the recipe.

What is cast-iron?

Cast iron, an alloy of iron that contains 2 to 4 percent carbon, along with varying amounts of silicon and manganese and traces of impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus. It is made by reducing iron ore in a blast furnace.

What is a campfire pie iron?

A pie iron is a small cast iron or aluminum pan with a two-part hinge that folds over and has a long handle that you cook on a campfire. They come in different shapes and sizes- round, square, oblong, and double. Also, called a pudgie pie they are used for toasting sandwiches, grilling meat, and cooking desserts.

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