Often asked: How To Cook With Pie Iron Campfire?

How do you use campfire pie irons?

The best meal procedure for the pie iron goes like this: grease the pans a little; add a starch, like mashed potatoes, dough, or bread; add fillings; then cover with the same starch. Clasp the irons shut, then lay flat over a bed of hot embers or coals to cook evenly.

What is a campfire pie iron?

A pie iron is a small cast iron or aluminum pan with a two-part hinge that folds over and has a long handle that you cook on a campfire. They come in different shapes and sizes- round, square, oblong, and double. Also, called a pudgie pie they are used for toasting sandwiches, grilling meat, and cooking desserts.

Can you use a pie iron on a stove?

The pie iron is very simple to use and dose not require a fire. We suggest a grill but even a gas stove top would work.

How do you clean a pie iron?

Wash the pie iron with hot water and dish soap (this is one of the only times you’ll ever use dish soap on cast iron), then thoroughly dry it (do not leave it to air dry). Use a paper towel to rub the pie iron with oil or shortening (not butter or margarine). Be sure to cover every part of the pan, inside and out.

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Where is Rome cast iron made?

Rome has been producing these irons since 1964, but now it’s China. I’ve had one for years, use it all the time, and it’s certainly qood quality, I can tell you that much.

How do you store pie irons?

Cool, check pie irons for any excess oil to wipe out, then store pie irons. We like to use the storage bag so the soot doesn’t get everywhere, but a grocery bag also works fine. I also like to store the pie iron halves separated; I don’t keep them hinged together.

What is a mountain pie maker?

Mountain pies, also known as hobo pies, camper pies and campfire pies, are made by placing a favorite filling between two slices of bread that have been buttered, greased or oil on the outside and placed in a long-handled, metal tool that is held over a campfire until the ingredients are heated and the bread is fused

What are pudgy pies?

While the exact origin is elusive, pudgy pies, also known as jaffles or Toasties, are sandwiches cooked in pie irons, which are comprised of two concave, cast-iron plates (typically square or round in shape) with a long handle attached. One of the best things about pudgy pies is how simple they are to prepare.

What do you put in a camp cooker?

This delicious camp cooker pizza recipe is perfect for camping! Simply layer all of the pizza ingredients in a pie iron and cook over the fire. We love this camp cooker pizza recipe! Camp Cooker Pizza Toppings:

  1. Mozzarella cheese.
  2. Cheddar cheese.
  3. Pepperoni.
  4. Ham.
  5. Bacon.
  6. Mushrooms.
  7. Bell pepper.
  8. Pineapple.
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Should pie irons be seasoned?

Seasoning a pie iron is not a difficult task, but it’s necessary if your pie iron is made out of cast iron. In fact, all cast iron cookware is seasoned the same way. Without proper seasoning, cast iron will rust or food will become stuck to it during use.

How do you clean rust off a pie iron?

Fill your sink with enough hot water to cover the pie iron. Allow them to soak for about 15 minutes to loosen the stuck on ash and food. Then, take a nylon brush and give them a good scrubbing. Finally, rinse them under hot water.

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