How Long To Cook Poogie Pie In Fire?

How long do you leave a pie iron in the fire?

Cook the recipe over an open fire. Most recipes take five to ten minutes to cook but times can vary widely depending on how hot the fire is. I recommend placing the iron over the fire for two minutes before unlatching, checking for doneness and flipping the iron over to cook the other side.

How do you use campfire pie irons?

The best meal procedure for the pie iron goes like this: grease the pans a little; add a starch, like mashed potatoes, dough, or bread; add fillings; then cover with the same starch. Clasp the irons shut, then lay flat over a bed of hot embers or coals to cook evenly.

How do you use a pudgy pie maker?

All you need to do is pile fillings between two pieces of bread, place the bread in the pie-iron, clamping it shut, and holding the whole thing over some open flames. Once the bread is toasted and the fillings are warmed through, you remove the sandwich from the pie iron and dig right in.

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How do you season a pie iron in the oven?

Allow the cast iron to cool completely then rub on a layer of Crisco vegetable shortening (or similar non butter type). Cover the entire pie iron on both sides. Once both sides are thoroughly coated, place them back on the grill for about 15 minutes and flip them over about half way through.

Can you use a pie iron on a stove?

The pie iron is very simple to use and dose not require a fire. We suggest a grill but even a gas stove top would work.

How do you store a pie iron?

After the pie irons cool, usually on a piece of fire wood or the picnic table seat, I wipe out any excess oil and store them in the bag. I don’t want oil dripping out of the pie iron, just a nice shiny finish on the inside.

How long do pudgy pies take?

Remove the pie iron from the fire, open it, place the sandwich inside and close the iron, trimming the crusts if necessary. Close the pie iron and place in or over the fire. Cook the pudgy pie for four to five minutes, turning the iron periodically for even cooking.

What is the best hobo pie maker?

Best Pie Iron, Hobo Pie, Pudgy Pie List

  • Rome Pie Iron (Best for Camping) Rome Pie Iron are the classic Pie Iron.
  • Toas-Tite 79357 Aluminum Sandwich Grill (Best Aluminum Model) For a Aluminum Model, consider the Toas-Tite model.
  • Palmer Hobo Pie Iron Long Handle (Best Non Stick)
  • Electrical Model and Variations.
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How do you keep mountain pies from sticking?

butter – You can use butter, margarine as pictured above, cooking spray, or oil. I prefer butter for its flavor, but the others will toast the mountain pie perfectly and keep it from sticking.

What is a campfire pie iron?

A pie iron is a small cast iron or aluminum pan with a two-part hinge that folds over and has a long handle that you cook on a campfire. They come in different shapes and sizes- round, square, oblong, and double. Also, called a pudgie pie they are used for toasting sandwiches, grilling meat, and cooking desserts.

What do you call a pie maker?

Noun. piemaker (plural piemakers ) A person who makes pies.

What is a mountain pie maker?

Mountain pies, also known as hobo pies, camper pies and campfire pies, are made by placing a favorite filling between two slices of bread that have been buttered, greased or oil on the outside and placed in a long-handled, metal tool that is held over a campfire until the ingredients are heated and the bread is fused

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