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Third Thursday

We started Third Thursday in December, 2007, in the back of a dive bar in Carthage. It was a way for Caitlin to flex her creative muscle, and friends and family to experience her tasty experiments. Over the years, we set up shop at makeshift venues all over Cincinnati, feeding local food fans from every corner of the city, bringing to life the "pop-up restaurant" concept long before it was even a thing. Now, Cooking with Caitlin is thrilled to host Third Thursday at our very own venue, our restaurant, CWC.

Many years ago, we never could have known what Third Thursday would come to mean for us. But now we are quite clear that we were "playing restaurant" all along. It is our great pleasure to continue the food-play in our very own space today. So, join us for a pop-up at our place -- you in your tasting clothes, us in our play aprons -- the third Thursday of every month.

Register now; come hungry then for nine courses of original, Caitlin-ed up recipes, all in couple-bite proportions. It's a casual, mingle-y feel that happens to be in a restaurant setting. All the food is made right before you, and passed in small batches. Beverages are available for purchase. And -- bonus! -- we'll share the recipes with you later, following the event.

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