CWC is the restaurant realization of the Cincinnati-based Cooking with Caitlin brand. Smack dab in the center of Wyoming, OH, it’s a love note to the community where we, Caitlin and Kelly, have rooted our families and grown our business. CWC is an ongoing opportunity for us to serve and celebrate our neighbors, friends, and fans in the intimate way we do our own families.

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Chef Caitlin Steininger is the creative muscle that powers and all its offshoot happenings. Kelly Trush, her sister, is the spirit-spattered voice of all those happenings. Caitlin tweaked her culinary prowess with classic French training at Le Cordon Bleu, while Kelly spent many years writing about food and serving it all over the country. In Cooking with Caitlin we come together to hone our own personal foodspeak on the radio, in the paper, through live-streaming video, at in-person events, and all over social media. We are mercenaries for food experiences, lovers of the community that has so embraced us, and devotees of Cincinnati eats.

CWC, a restaurant by Cooking with Caitlin, is the natural progression of our food-focused collective.